Design Thinking at Work – DX20 Innovation Lab

he Deluxe Exchange 2020 Innovation Lab Squad

There are a few occasions that I’ve had the opportunity to truly create something with a group of amazing people who believed by bringing together a cross-discipline team we could build something that would solve our customers’ problems as a balanced team.

Product Management as an Introvert

I’m a classic Introvert, and I’m a Product Manager. When I first started this blog, I was tempted to call it The Introverted Product Manager. Any extroversion that you have seen from me really is just manufactured for the masses, and by the end of a heavy day of pretending to be an Extrovert, it really takes its toll. I’ve always thought of it more as putting on one of those dollar-store white masks that heist movies have made popular. Sometimes it can be stifling if you wear it too long.

Fighting for your Product

Everyone is overworked these days, especially when your product is part of a larger entity that has multiple versions of yourself all vying to be the top of the priority list. How do you compete and fight for your Product’s success?