My Work

Give me a stack of post-its and a handful of sharpies, and I can change hearts and minds.

In my portfolio, you won’t find a laundry list of tactical projects. Instead, you’ll discover a collection of narratives showcasing my ability to unite teams and foster collaboration. Each post is a testament to my dedication to cultivating environments where diverse talents converge, aligning towards a common goal of elevating user experiences. Through anecdotes and insights, I unveil the transformative power of cohesive teamwork, illustrating how I’ve orchestrated synergy across disciplines to deliver impactful solutions. Explore these stories to witness how I’ve steered teams toward a shared vision, igniting creativity and innovation along the way. From facilitating Design Thinking workshops to championing the adoption of Balanced Teams methodologies, I’ve been at the forefront of fostering cultures of collaboration that prioritize empathy, inclusivity, and user-centricity.

If you would like to see some additional projects from my design work helping small businesses with branding and site design, please see speakinginvector.

Finding Empathy

Empathy:em·pa·thy/ˈempəTHē/nounthe ability to understand and share the feelings of another. When I was a developer,

What Do You Do?

"I'm a Product Manager." "So what do you do?" "You know... roadmaps and stuff." From