Hello, I’m Amber Hansford

Combining my expertise in Product Management and User Experience (UX), I seamlessly merge customer needs with developer insights to craft top-notch solutions that tackle real-world problems. My passion lies in mentoring and guiding teams through Design Thinking and Balanced Teams methodologies, ensuring a collective focus on understanding and empathizing with the challenges our customers encounter.

Leading Teams to Success

My journey spans various industries and roles. Beginning as a front-end developer for premier sports platforms like pgatour.com and NBA.com, I transitioned to the realm of Product Management as the steward of TNT Overtime in 2014.

In subsequent roles, I delved into live streaming solutions at Turner Sports and IBM, then pivoted to enhancing internal tools at The Home Depot, aiding engineering teams in optimizing their supply chain operations.

Following my tenure at The Home Depot, I leveraged my evolving design acumen by spearheading the User Experience team at Deluxe, before assuming the role of UX Designer Manager at Paychex, moving to Director of User Experience at Logility in 2023. Here, I not only nurtured designers into well-rounded UX specialists but also spearheaded the development of robust Design Systems. My efforts were geared towards fostering a cohesive product team culture that prioritizes customer-centricity within the framework of Balanced Teams.