Finding Empathy

It took me a while to gain confidence in what I was doing when I started as a Product Manager. Hell, some days I still suffer from Imposter Syndrome, but I’ve found a little bit of a secret weapon to keep in my arsenal when I feel that I’m starting to lose my way – Finding Empathy with the Product and the Customer.

What Do You Do?

Product Manager. Product Management. What are these roles and responsibilities?

Developers: Documentation is Your Friend

Most developers that I’ve worked with over the years will either cringe or scoff at writing their own documentation. The most that you’ll get from a select few will be a few lines of comments within their code that they’ll refer to as documentation. If you’re planning on making a move or not to the […]

The 20-Minute Rule

When I first started at my current company, my technical manager said something that I carried with me through my entire development career. “If you make no progress on a task after twenty minutes of work, find someone to help you.” That simple phrase carried me through multiple league-level redesigns & more tentpole events than […]

The Move

The phone rang and I knew that this would be the offer. After 14 years as a front-end developer, I was going to be moving into the true business side as a Product Manager for a large-scale site. No, I wouldn’t be the only one, and the person that I was going to be backfill […]